Constipation: Causes, Remedy, and Prevention Suggestions

A number of years again, a Bollywood movie introduced folks’s commonest digestive drawback out within the open. That leaves us with a query: do you might have the issue ‘Piku’s Dad had? In India, one in seven folks silently suffers from constipation. But, constipation will not be mentioned brazenly as a drawing-room subject and is taboo for a lot of. Why? Most of us can’t speak about it because of the stigma related to poop and bowel actions. 

However let’s speak about it. Defecation is a pure course of, and it should be frequent. Should you’re spending hours in the bathroom with out passing stools, then it’s an indicator of constipation. Nonetheless, not all constipation is identical. Some folks could expertise it as a result of an absence of fibre or fluid of their eating regimen. For others, constipation may be an indication of underlying issues equivalent to coeliac illness or bowel most cancers.

Completely different fibre-rich meals assist maintain the constipation drawback in verify. For instance, incorporating bowel-friendly meals into the eating regimen helps by including bulk to the stools, making them smooth. As well as, additionally they lower their transit time from the intestine, bettering the frequency of bowel actions. So, drink loads of fluids and keep bodily lively to forestall constipation to a most extent. You must always remember that constipation is simply biology and never combine it with sociology.

What’s Constipation?

Constipation refers to painful or tough excretion accompanied by small, dry, and exhausting stools. You’re prone to be constipated if the bowel actions happen lower than thrice every week. Nonetheless, lacking one bowel motion a day doesn’t imply you’re constipated.

Attributable to our way of life and irregular consuming habits, constipation will not be unusual. It’s a medical situation that differs from individual to individual. Constipation is commonly thought-about a symptom of underlying anorectal problems.

Signs of Constipation

Each particular person has totally different bowel actions, and thus the symptom and severity fluctuate from particular person to particular person. Constipation signs is usually a persistent situation for some, whereas others hardly ever expertise it. However, you is perhaps constipated when you’re experiencing the next signs:

  • Passing stools lower than thrice every week
  • Stools are dry, exhausting or lumpy
  • Experiencing ache or pressure throughout excretion
  • Experiencing a sense of fullness, even publish passing stools

It’s important to hunt medical recommendation if the next signs proceed and also you expertise the next:

  • Fixed stomach ache
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Fever
  • Modifications in bowel actions
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Decrease again ache
  • Inexplicable weight reduction

Causes of Constipation

Lack of Fibre and Fluids within the Food regimen

A eating regimen that’s too low in fluids and fibre contributes to constipation. Dietary fibre is crucial to soak up water and make the stools softer and simpler to move. There are two varieties of fibre; soluble and insoluble. You want insoluble fibre so as to add bulk into the stools and draw sufficient water to them. Moreover, they act as pure laxatives. In case your eating regimen is poor in fibre, it considerably brings down the lubrication obligatory for the stools to move rapidly, resulting in constipation.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS causes stomach discomfort accompanied by strained and sluggish bowel actions. It’s adopted by bloating, gasoline, stomach cramps, and constipation. Having exhausting stools is a predominant signal of IBS. Constipation brought on by irritable bowel syndrome is said to undesirable modifications in intestine micro organism and intestinal capabilities.

Misuse of Laxatives

Laxatives trigger constipation. Sounds stunning, proper? Nicely, it’s true. Most of us know laxatives because the saviour that relieves constipation. Nonetheless, like several medicine, abuse of laxatives could injury your colon nerve cells. As well as, it might stop the gut from contracting, resulting in painful constipation. So, use the laxatives for a brief interval and sparingly. You could even undergo from laxative dependency, tempting you to go for bigger doses.

Lack of Train

Individuals who don’t train repeatedly or lead a sedentary way of life are in danger for constipation. So how is train associated to constipation? First, allow us to break down the cycle; train strengthens and tones the muscular tissues. The toned muscular tissues within the stomach wall and diaphragm support in straightforward excretion. Nonetheless, an absence of train makes these muscular tissues weak and causes constipation.

Underlying Medical Circumstances

Constipation is a standard symptom of a majority of illnesses. Systemic circumstances usually disrupt the digestive course of and result in constipation. A few of the medical circumstances that are inclined to convey on constipation are: 

  • Parkinson’s illness
  • A number of sclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Stroke
  • Spinal wire damage
  • Power kidney illness
  • Intestinal obstructions

Meals That Trigger Constipation


Milk and its merchandise trigger constipation in some folks. Nonetheless, experiencing constipation as a result of milk consumption doesn’t essentially imply that you simply’re lactose illiberal. A lactose individual is extra prone to expertise diarrhoea and never constipation. Because it seems, processed milk incorporates excessive fats and fewer fibre, which can make you are feeling constipated. Moreover, constipation additionally happens in case your physique exhibits poor tolerance or poor digestion of milk proteins.

Purple Meat

Purple meat incorporates little or no fibre and is of course excessive in fats. This nutrient mixture causes constipation. As well as, the fat in pink meat take longer to digest, thereby growing the possibilities of constipation. Plus, the satiating impact of pink meat creates a sense of fullness and prevents you from consuming different fibre-rich meals.


Attributable to its dehydrating nature, alcohol makes the stools compact and exhausting, making them tough to move. That results in a constipated feeling. Furthermore, alcohol slows down digestion and irritates bowel actions. It will definitely makes the constipation signs worse. Subsequently, you need to keep away from having alcohol or having it sometimes. Should you’re extremely vulnerable to constipation, keep away from alcohol altogether.

Refined Grains

Most grains like white rice lose their fibre content material in the course of the refining course of. Because the fibre will get stripped away, refined grains will not be preferrred for a constipation eating regimen. They alter bowel actions and stimulate bloating. Alternatively, you’ll be able to eat entire grains as a substitute of refined ones to maintain constipation in verify.


Apparently, bananas are on the record of meals that trigger constipation based mostly on their ripeness. That’s as a result of unripe, inexperienced bananas are constipating and make the stools exhausting to move. Nonetheless, ripe bananas are excessive in fibre and ease constipation. Therefore, it’s important to select ripe bananas to keep away from constipation.

Quick Meals

Spicy, fried, and greasy quick meals like French fries, burgers, onion rings and doughnuts take time to digest. Quick meals binds you up by slowing down the conventional gastrointestinal motion. It, in flip, is usually a reason for constipation. Most quick meals are low in fibre, low in fluid, and excessive in fats. Additionally, the excessive sodium content material in them makes you are feeling dehydrated. All these causes are associated to constipation.

Tricks to Forestall Constipation

Easy modifications to your way of life could act as a preventive protect towards constipation. Nonetheless, to reap advantages in the long term, you shouldn’t incorporate these preventative ideas .

Go for a Fibre-Wealthy Food regimen

You don’t have to fret about constipation in case your eating regimen consists of adequate fibre. Be affected person and add fibres to the eating regimen for every week or so. An excessive amount of fibre without delay can result in bloating and gasoline. 

  • Make dietary modifications slowly by including cooked beans to soups and salads.
  • Select brown rice, whole-grain bread, multi-grain cereals, and entire wheat pasta as a substitute of white rice, white bread, and common pasta.

Consuming proper is step one to stopping constipation. A study has proven that individuals who ate a fibre-rich eating regimen had elevated stool passage. In spite of everything, issue in passing stools is essentially the most vital issue of constipation. 

Keep Hydrated

Drink loads of fluids all through the day. Your digestive system actively cleanses whenever you’re hydrated. It, in flip, makes your bowels completely happy and lowers the possibilities of constipation. Moreover, generally, a dehydrated colon triggers constipation. Make sure you drink extra fluids when you’re including additional fibre to the eating regimen. The stools develop into smooth and straightforward to move when the physique is sufficiently hydrated. Nonetheless, don’t go for alcohol, espresso, tea, and sugary drinks as they are typically counterproductive. As an alternative, drink a minimum of 3 litres of water each day.

Common Train

Lack of train is a number one causative issue of constipation. You can begin by slowly including sure bodily actions to your day as a safety measure. Do gentle train equivalent to strolling after heavy meals. It could assist the digestion course of. Doing asanas and stretches early morning aids in straightforward bowel motion. Yoga will increase the blood circulation in the direction of the intestines, stimulating its contraction. Sure, this might assist regular excretion and scale back the chance of constipation. Train repeatedly a minimum of 5 occasions every week for an hour.

Add Omega3 Oils to Your Food regimen

Omega-3 oils or fish oils act as pure lubricants for simple stool passage. This lubrication prevents painful excretions, which is among the frequent signs of constipation. Individuals with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s illness are extra weak to constipation. Including fish oil or Omega-3 to the eating regimen may fit as a treatment to forestall such constipation. You could attempt consuming tuna, sardines, or mackerel thrice every week for higher outcomes. 

Keep away from Stress

Stress performs a big function in constipation. Your intestinal capabilities are inclined to decelerate, and irritation happens in response to emphasize. It, in flip, triggers constipation. If you’re beneath persistent stress, the intestinal permeability will increase and permits the entry of inflammatory compounds into the gut. It could make you are feeling stuffy and strained throughout excretion. Avoiding annoying life occasions could assist stop constipation and encourage common bowel actions. Chill out and cease stressing out. It’s helpful in your bowel motion and your psychological well being.

Remedy for Constipation


Several types of over-the-counter laxatives can be found. You’ll be able to select one based mostly on how they work and the way constipated you’re. Nonetheless, you need to consider to take solely the prescribed dose of laxatives.

  • Osmotic laxatives: They draw water from the digestive tissues and soften the stools. It makes excretion simpler and painless.
  • Stimulant laxatives deal with constipation by stimulating the nerves current within the intestine or gut. It could improve the bowel motion frequency.
  • Stool softeners: With a mode of motion much like osmotic laxatives, stool softeners are oils that promote the simple passage of stool via the gut by making them softer.
  • Bulking brokers: They’re a sort of fibre-based laxative that relieves constipation by including water content material to the hardened stools.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a generally used pure treatment for relieving constipation, and it really works rapidly. The ricinoleic acid, a sort of fatty acid in castor oil, stimulates the muscular contraction of intestinal partitions. It helps to push out the stools. You could add castor oil to water or fruit juices to subside its intense flavour and odour. It could take solely 2-3 hours to see desired outcomes. Nonetheless, we don’t advocate castor oil to pregnant girls and youngsters youthful than 6.

Way of life Modifications

Imagine it or not, you’ll be able to deal with constipation efficiently with straightforward way of life modifications. If dehydration is the offender behind your constipation, then drink loads of water. Restrict the consumption of dehydrating brokers like espresso and alcohol. Additionally, make it possible for your each day fibre consumption via eating regimen falls between 20 to 35 grams. Moreover, the first-line remedy is to observe a well-balanced eating regimen wealthy in fibre. Lastly, intention for a minimum of half-hour of moderate-intensity train every single day. With these easy steps, one can see notable variations in bowel actions.


Should you proceed having constipation, your physician would possibly prescribe sure medicine or medicines that can assist you. The physician would possibly even advocate stopping any medicines that is perhaps inflicting constipation.

  • Lubiprostone is a drug that will increase fluid ranges within the gut.
  • Plecanatide or linaclotide would possibly assist make bowel actions frequent for people with IBS or long-term constipation.
  • Prucalopride aids the colon in shifting the stool alongside.

Meals to Eat When You Are Constipated


Prunes are nothing however dried plums and work effectively as a treatment for constipation. These nutritious meals comprise an distinctive quantity of fibre that helps add bulk to the stools. For instance, 100 grams of prunes comprise about 7 g of fibre, which is almost 12% of your each day really helpful worth. As well as, a study exhibits that folks with persistent constipation skilled elevated stool consistency and frequency after consuming a minimum of 100 grams of prunes each day. It’s because of the laxative results and excessive fibre content material of prunes. In addition to, they’re additionally wealthy in phenolic compounds that restore helpful intestine microbes.


This pink fruit is a superb supply of fibre and varied different vitamins. A medium-sized apple incorporates 4.8 grams of fibre, 19% of the RDI advice. Apples are additionally wealthy in pectin. The intestine micro organism rapidly ferments this pectin and kinds fatty acids that assist pull water into the colon. It softens the stools. A randomised study exhibits that pectin elevated helpful microbes within the intestine, which led to elevated stool motion. 


One kiwi incorporates practically 2.3 gm of fibre, or 9% of the RDI advice. As well as, it additionally has actinidin, an enzyme answerable for bowel regularity and intestine motility. You’ll be able to eat them uncooked or in smoothies and salads to spice up fibre. Consuming a minimum of two kiwis per day helps convey the bowel actions on observe.  


Figs are nice for enhancing fibre consumption and selling wholesome bowel actions. One medium-sized uncooked fig incorporates 1.5 gm of fibre. Furthermore, they’ve ficin, an enzyme that helps enhance bowel perform. A study exhibits that consuming 300 grams of fig paste each day for 16 weeks could enhance stool consistency, scale back abdomen discomfort and improve the velocity of colonic transit time. Figs are a wholesome but tasty snack. You’ll be able to eat them dried, cooked or uncooked. You can too pair figs effectively with meats, cheese and baked items.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are extremely fibre-dense meals with 34 grams of fibre per 100 grams. These seeds comprise 15% soluble fibre and 85% of insoluble fibre. When chia seeds are available contact with water, they type a gel. It helps soften stools, making them simpler to move. You’ll be able to sprinkle them over oats, cereals and even yoghurt. Or you’ll be able to mix them into vegetable juice, smoothies and dips.

Inexperienced Veggies

Inexperienced greens like spinach, broccoli, and brussels sprouts are fibre wealthy and have affordable quantities of vitamin C, vitamin Ok, and folate. These greens make your stools cumbersome and add weight to them, making them move simply. You’ll be able to merely add them right into a pie, soup or quiche. Tender greens and child spinach are additionally nice additions to salads or sandwiches.  

Brussels sprouts are additionally fibre wealthy greens. For instance, 5 sprouts comprise 14% of your each day fibre necessities with solely 41 energy. You’ll be able to steam, roast, grill and even boil them and eat chilly or scorching. Furthermore, broccoli is one other vegetable containing 2.7 grams of fibre per 100 g. Prepare dinner them and put them into stews and salads or eat uncooked as a snack or in salads.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have been used as a standard remedy for constipation for tons of of years now. It’s as a result of they’ve a impartial laxative impact. In addition to offering quite a few well being advantages, they’re additionally a superb supply of each soluble and insoluble fibre that assist assist digestive well being. For instance, 100 grams of entire flax seeds comprise 27 grams of fibre. You’ll be able to eat flax seeds sprinkled on cereals or yoghurt. Be revolutionary and add them to muffins, muffins or bread recipes. Nonetheless, pregnant and lactating moms ought to train warning whereas utilizing flaxseeds.


Constipation implies that an individual doesn’t have common bowel actions or experiences issue passing stool. It is among the commonest digestive issues on the market. There’s a potential hyperlink between fibre consumption and constipation. Consumption of too little fibre and fluids usually triggers constipation and its related signs. Together with sure meals equivalent to apples, prunes, kiwis, figs, and chia seeds in your eating regimen would possibly assist stop and deal with constipation issues. These meals assist by including bulk to your stool and making them smooth sufficient for simpler passage. 

Use laxatives fastidiously. Your physician would possibly recommend laxatives to assist soften the stools. However by no means use laxatives for greater than two weeks with out consulting your physician. Your physique would possibly develop into depending on them. Most constipation instances are gentle, and you’ll deal with them simply with way of life modifications. Nonetheless, it’s important to hunt skilled recommendation when you’re experiencing persistent constipation and chronic pressure throughout bowel actions. 

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you cease constipation rapidly?

A. There are some age-old house treatments to get rapid reduction from constipation. You’ll be able to attempt castor oil as it really works as a pure laxative and results in easily passing the stool. Flavoured castor oil is normally taken by mouth or added to fruit juices. Different choices can be to take laxative stimulants and fibre dietary supplements that work inside a short while body.

Q. What ought to I eat to keep away from constipation?

A. You must begin including fibre wealthy meals into your eating regimen. Some choices are apples, kiwi, figs, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. You can too eat chia seeds and flax seeds to keep away from constipation. Along with a fibre-rich eating regimen, one must also drink loads of fluids.

Q. Is milk good for constipation?

A. No, milk will not be appropriate for constipation and will even worsen it. Consuming an excessive amount of dairy and its merchandise will increase the chance of constipation amongst infants, toddlers, and youngsters. It’s due to the poor digestive tolerance in the direction of the protein current in milk. As an alternative of milk, attempt yoghurt with probiotics.

Q. What meals make constipation worse?

A. Meals which might be low in fibre however excessive in fats are inclined to make constipation worse. It’s as a result of high-fat meals take longer to digest and decelerate the digestion course of. Because of this, they worsen its signs by inflicting bowel irritation. You must also keep away from pink meat, dairy merchandise, unripe bananas, alcohol, and refined grains.

Q. What meals must you eat for constipation?

A. One of the best meals to eat throughout constipation are these wealthy in fibre. Consuming excessive fibre meals will make the passage of stool simpler and regulate your bowel motion. For constipation, the very best meals are apples, prunes, kiwi, greens, flax seeds, chia seeds, and figs. 

Q. Are eggs constipating?

A. Eggs is probably not a big issue behind constipation. They’ve much less fibre content material, however you don’t should take away eggs from the eating regimen altogether. To steadiness it out, attempt including different fibre-rich meals together with eggs. Nonetheless, suppose you’re fearful about constipation as a result of irritable bowel syndrome. In that case, it’s a good suggestion to not eat eggs till the situation improves.

Q. What are the highest 10 meals that trigger constipation?

A. Purple meat, milk, unripe bananas, quick meals, and refined grains result in constipation. As well as, white bread, fried meals, alcohol, gluten-containing merchandise, and eggs are the meals that are inclined to trigger it. The severity depends upon the quantity of consumption. 

Q. Do bananas harden your stool?

A. Bananas can both trigger constipation or relieve it. Ripe bananas comprise comparatively excessive fibre that helps bowel regularity. Alternatively, unripened or inexperienced bananas harden the stool and result in constipation. Thus, bananas can both harden or soften the stools based mostly on their ripeness.

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